Hi, I’m Jon Bordune, a writer, and I have strange thoughts.

No, not those kind of thoughts! I’m talking about things that wouldn’t occur to most folks.

For instance, last fall I picked up a piece of firewood to find an earthworm panicking to get under cover again. I watched it crawl off, wondering what the world looked like from its point of view and what life was like on that scale.

Another time, I drove past a painter at the top of his ladder. Most people would hardly glance at him but, oh no, not me. I spent the afternoon making notes that he was actually an eight-hundred-year-old genetic immortal who was taking a decade or two off from meddling with world politics. I’ll admit I got a little carried away.

I could go on but the point is that I’ve always been like this and only recently turned to creating whole stories from my musings. Feedback from a writer’s critique group suggested I had a shot at this writing game so I’m taking it by submitting my stories for publication.

To wrap up for now, I invite you to sign up for Jon’s Journal, an occasional newsletter where I’ll share links to some of the strange and unusual things I’ve found over the years. A lot of cool things are out there, from science and biology to weird toys and gifts, and I hope to make anything I send you interesting or amusing.

This website is still a work in progress so please check back soon. Thanks!


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