Inside The Body

Despite my reading of science and available medical books at the time, in a lot of ways I was a somewhat clueless teenager. When my wisdom teeth started to come in, I saw the x-rays of my jaw and was a bit stunned to see that I had an actual skeleton in my body. Okay, you can stop laughing now. […] Read More

Story Accepted

Well, things are off to a good start anyway. I just got word my story, A World Apart, made the cut and was accepted for publication in the upcoming, Everybody Panic: The 2018 Fark Fiction Anthology. I’ll include a link on where to get a copy when it “hits the stands.” It’s a quick read and I hope readers will […] Read More

Coat Hanger Gong

My wife decided the living room closets had been neglected for too many years and needed a good going through. One result was a stack of wire coat hangers to be trashed or recycled. She didn’t care which but they had to go. “We use plastic hangers nowadays.” Thus another relic of the past goes the way of rotary phones. […] Read More

Cool Trick

For lighting our homes at night, technology has marched on. After most of a century as the familiar round bulb many of us grew up with, incandescent bulbs go back to the Edison years while today LED bulbs are everywhere. Between them, for a few decades, was the strange looking compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb. Expensive at the start, yet […] Read More

Submitted first story

Well, I’m off and running. I found a short story anthology publisher looking for submissions and sent in my sci-fi story, A World Apart. It’s a 1,400 word tale following the struggles of one particular life in its alien environment. It’s one of those things that just came to me from something I saw. I enjoyed writing it and hope […] Read More

Thanks for stopping by

Welcome to my bit of the web. I’m new to blogging and not quite sure what would be most useful/interesting to readers. I’m sure I’ll figure things out as I go along but, for now, I do mean it when I say thanks for stopping by.